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Restless Solutions.

At Restless.Solutions, we don't just build software, we take time to understand your business and build something robust, scalable which solves your needs. In particular we have expertise when it comes to websites dealing with video/video delivery/mobile video. These skills can apply to other multimedia content (radio/sound, images and text).

We have specialised in solutions for media companies, NGOs, Corporates and other start-ups.

Our Expertise.

Website development

We create stunning websites using the best tools for the job, ensuring that the website serves its business purpose.

Software development

We examine how we can use various tools to make sure your website is visible and helps you get leads for your business.


There are millions of websites on the internet we work with you to ensure your products and services are found by the search engines.


Our vast experience means that we're able to consult in all areas above and help your organisation meet its objectives.

Our People.

We have a highly capable team ensuring our Project Managers for our Client Services team have a technical background and understanding. This enables us to be much more efficient during the scoping, planning and strategic stages, allowing us to get to where we need to be, much quicker than other agencies with non-technical Project Managers. We feel this will be of particular benefit to you, where you’re looking for a development partner to facilitate the project within a tight timeframe

Our approach to your project.

We strongly believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach that can be applied to our working with our clients, and we offer a transparent, flexible approach to taking the time to understanding your requirements.

Our team has experience in responsive design and will work closely with a designer to avoid common pitfalls in responsive design & development. We’ll review wireframes and flesh out precise functionality for both visitors and content administrators.

Responsive Web Design.

  • Increasingly more people are accessing the web via mobile devices.
  • It is crucial to have an effective mobile version of a site that not only looks good, but functions well on mobile, allowing users to easily navigate.
  • Responsive web design is one of our key strengths.

Responsive Design

Check out our work.


Buni.tv is a leading Video On Demand platform in Africa.

Buni.tv needed a website that is not only visual but also highly functional in managing videos and users.

We were involved from the requirements phase, design and implementation of the responsive website and mobile apps. We migrated from a common CMS (Drupal) to a more secure and scalable custom CMS with Django


Functionalities built in the project

  • Recommendation Engine: Based on user viewing habits, we built a recommendation engine that shows other videos viewers might be interested in.
  • Analytics platform: We integrated analytics from various sources to build custom reports for the business.
  • Rating Engine
  • Geo-blocking
  • Integrated Email Marketing

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall is an independent research and strategic consulting firm providing expert analysis, tailored counsel and access to local knowledge for a diverse array of actors operating in challenging environments.


Features of the project

  • Crafted a custom WordPress theme for Samuel Hall's new design
  • Created a number of custom WordPress plugins to support Samuel Hall's unique needs
  • Fully responsive design

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